Voted Best Orthodontist in Oakville since 2004


Looking back, are you glad you got your braces?

“I am absolutely thrilled that I got braces. In fact, I have even encouraged a few of my friends to do the same. It was well worth the time and the investment, and Uptown made the payment plan very affordable.”
“Absolutely! I’m loving my new smile!”
“Most definitely! Now I have a gorgeous smile.”
“Yes! I love my teeth. They are so straight!”

How helpful is the staff at Uptown Orthodontics in guiding you through your treatment?

“Very helpful. They really know what they’re doing and really try to make the process as quick and efficient as it can be.”
“Very helpful. Always upbeat and smiling.”

How do you feel now that your braces are off?

“Great! More confident with a better smile.”
“I just smile all the time – I think that says it all.”
“Amazing! It was neat to feel how smooth my teeth were!”
“Fantastic! It feels nice.”

What advice would you give about getting braces?

“Wear your elastics! It really speeds things up!”
“It may be a hassle at first, but it gets easier.”
“Brush, floss, rinse, wear elastics.”
“To go to Uptown Orthodontics because they make your teeth beautiful!”

What do you like best about Uptown Orthodontics?

“Everyone is so friendly.”
“The people.”
“Timely. Always personable.”
“I like the signing in system.”
“I like everything about Uptown but one of the things I really appreciated was the flexibility of the payment plan. It made it possible for me to make the investment.”

What would you tell someone who is considering getting braces?

“To get them because it’s worth it!”
“Do it, don’t hesitate!”
“Do it! There’s nothing that boosts self-confidence more than a new smile. Also, follow everything they tell you to do to speed up the process.”
“What are you waiting for??? Do it!!!!!!”
“Don’t worry about it too much. It isn’t that bad and is totally worth it.”
“You won’t regret it… no matter how old you are.”

What has been your best experience at Uptown Orthodontics?

“It is always very good, very professional.”
“Getting Halloween colours put on my braces!”
“Getting my mouth guard.”
“My best experience was the day that I was told my braces were coming off, and the excitement I felt.”